Phase 1: Getting Set Up

There is no one-size-fits-all method to how a project creator should get things done. Different projects take different approaches; there are different approaches to the way rewards are done, and how add-ons are organized. BackerKit’s is designed to be flexible to help project creators set things up the way that works best for them.

The best way to begin setting up your project is to follow the steps in the Quick Start Guide in your admin dashboard.

Configure your project

Customize your project's basic info, such as what countries receive domestic shipping, FAQs for your project, Twitter handle or Facebook page your backers should follow, and more. Read More »

Assign SKUs to Pledges, Questions and Add-ons

A stock keeping unit or SKU is a unique identifier for an item. It is likely that some of your items will be included in several different pledge levels and as add-ons. How will you accurately count all of the items you need to make? That’s where SKU-ing in your items comes in handy. Every unique item will need a SKU. For example, if you have two t-shirt colors (yellow and black) and three sizes (small, medium, large), you'll need to create six SKUs. Feeling overwhelmed? Don't worry, our  Item Generator tool makes it easy to generate item variations for each SKU. Read More »

Adjust Pledge Levels

When you sync your project, BackerKit automatically pulls in the pledge levels that were set during your Kickstarter, Indiegogo, or Tilt, Tilt Pro campaign. You can always edit your pledge levels or create new ones.  Read More »

Set up Pledge Questions

You may have some pledge levels that require your backers to answer some questions—this is where creating a pledge level question comes in handy. Just a quick note: If your backers want multiple items beyond what is in their pledge level, you can handle this by creating add-ons; you do not need to create a pledge level question asking for what extra items they want.  Read More »

Configure Add-Ons

Add-ons are extra items that you want to offer to your backers in addition to what they are already receiving with the pledge level they’ve selected. Some add-ons may include items that are already in pledge levels, or from a new menu of add-ons, or a shipping add-on for some projects with complex shipping beyond the standard domestic, international and Canadian shipping.  Read More »

Set up Add-on Questions

Some items may be set up in complex ways that might require further instructions.  Read More »

Test the backer flow

When a project is set up with BackerKit, two test accounts are automatically created: one US-domestic backer, and one International backer. It is helpful to check in on what your different backers' entire BackerKit experience will be like as you are setting up.  Read More »

Import your backers

You can import your backers with your Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Tilt, Tilt Pro, or other crowdfunding account. After you import your project, all of your backers will show up in BackerKit's dashboard.  Read More »

Go live!

Going live is the final step after setting everything up in BackerKit. By now, a project creator will have set up their pledge levels, pledge questions, add-ons, and add-on questions to fit their individual project. Once a project is live (which may take up to 24hrs from time of request), the project creator can press the invite button to invite all their backers to BackerKit.  Read More »

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