Types of Pledge Questions

When setting up pledge level questions, it's worth noting that there are several different modes in which they can be used. Each can be useful for asking certain types of questions.

Multiple Choice

The multiple choice question style is useful if you want to ask about a single reward item (a bag, for example) with a limited range of criteria (blue bag, red bag, yellow bag, etc.).

Assign SKUs to answer options

When asking multiple-choice questions that are specifically about a reward item, it is important to assign SKUs to each possible answer. This is useful for the Counts system to keep track of, especially in regards to manufacturing and fulfillment.

Testing as a backer

From a backer's point of view, all options are displayed as radio buttons, in which only one can be selected at a given time.

Multi-Option Multiple Choice

This option works similarly to how our multi-variant system works for add-ons. Backers can choose a combination of available options to answer a question. This kind of question is the most useful when a project creator is asking a question about a singular item that can have several different types of variations.

Put options into generator

This question style comes with an answer generator. Each row represents a group of things: for example, the first can be Size, the second can be Color, and the third can be Design. Just put the corresponding survey options in the field next to the category of your choosing, and hit the generate button.

Assign SKUs to generated items

When the generator button is hit, all possible combinations and variations are shown. A project creator will need to enter SKUs, unique product identifiers, into their corresponding column so that the Counts system can correctly track orders for inventory purposes.

Testing as a backer

Above is an example of what a multi-option multi-choice pledge question looks like from a backer's point of view. Each set of options is presented as a set of combo boxes that backers can mix and match together.

Free Form

The free-form question style is particularly useful for questions that require more customization than set answers can provide.

Testing as a backer

For these kinds of questions, backers will be prompted to enter text into the box.

When should I use multiple-choice pledge questions?

Multiple choice pledge questions are helpful if an item has multiple options for the backer to select from. Multiple choice questions are also handy for when you want to get item counts for all the options later (you want to use SKUs for this).

When should I use multiple-option multiple-choice pledge questions?

These kinds of questions are most useful for offering options for items with multiple variables. For example, if a project creator wanted to offer a t-shirt that asks for size, color, and design options, this question type makes it easy to correlate those values together.

When should I use free-form pledge questions?

Freeform pledge questions are usually used for unique answers you need from backers. This is handy for questions like ‘How do you want your name to appear in the credits of our website?' Because freeform answers are all unique, there is no way to get counts for backers' answers. 

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