Paying with Paypal

Customers on the Professional plan or above can offer PayPal payment option for their backers. Unlike paying via Stripe which saves credit card information until you're ready to charge, Paypal backers will be charged immediately. While Stripe is required to use BackerKit, Paypal is optional.

Connect with Paypal

Customers can configure your PayPal account by navigate to:

Quick Start Guide › Prepare To Invite › Set Up Payments › Connect with PayPal

What do backers see on the survey?

Once PayPal is enabled for the project, backers will be given an option to pay with credit card (via Stripe) or with PayPal on the confirm page. If the backer selects the PayPal option, they will be prompted to provide their PayPal credentials and accept the payment. When payment is completed, it will add PayPal credit so the backers can proceed to the next step.

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