Introduction: Support

BackerKit currently provides complimentary email support to help your backers navigate through their pledge and the post campaign process. Here are some of the things that what we do:

  • Help backers fill out their pledge.
  • Help backers get logged in or do password recovery stuff.
  • Help backers move around their pledge.
  • Relay information we have (either through updates or added info on your support page) to backers. You can get information entered for us or directly to your backers at our BackerKit support hub.
  • Forward or Carbon Copy the stuff we aren't well positioned to handle over to your team so you can take care of it directly. Some of these things include:
    • Backers with highly specific questions we can't answer.
    • Judgement calls on sensitive issues (switching to limited reward levels, for example).
    • Requests to add or remove items from orders marked 'locked down' or requests to change shipping information on ordered marked 'ready to ship'.
    • Refunds on Kickstarter/Indiegogo payments.
    • Those rare cases where a backer needs special attention from the Project creator.

With this in mind, some project creators opt to do support themselves to have a more direct customer relationship with their backers. There also typically isn't too much support if your project is set up well. Based on the all time backers/support numbers, only about 2% of backers email us so it is not a huge burden (average 22 emails per 1000 backers). That said, we recommend setting up an email address for support that you check regularly, that way things are organized both for our questions and those from your backers.

Here are some other protips for project creators:

  • Post updates on your crowdfunding page often. Super often. Backers like to check on where in the process everything is and posting updates keeps them informed. So let them know what's up!
  • On making updates, keep them public if possible so backers who have failed payments or joined on BackerKit can see what their status is.
  • Updates don't need to be super long or intense, a quick check in every week or two is all it takes. Frequent, honest, general status updates are the way to do it, check out Mini Museum's Kickstarter for a crash course on great updates.
  • Be available to your backers. Backers have a lot of specific questions and hearing things directly from the project creator can really help reassure them about what is going on. Being responsive will really foster a lot of good will with backers so long as you are honest, open and don't over promise.
  • Be as flexible as you can. There are a lot of backers out there with a lot of unique situations and requests. If you can accommodate them, do it and they will be super happy.

As always, if you have any questions drop a line to for project creator support.

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