Frequently Asked Questions for Project Creators

Here is a list of the most commonly-asked questions by project creators that are new to BackerKit. Please note that this is an evolving document. If your question isn't available here, feel free to ask us at!

1. When do the funds I charge in BackerKit appear in my bank account?

Funds appear in your bank account seven days after the charge is made in BackerKit. For more information, see our Stripe doc.

2. What do I do when backers aren’t getting their surveys?

Every backer has a pledge in BackerKit can be found using the backer search function. After you pull up their pledge page, you'll find a field at the top with a button that says "Copy". Give this link to your backer. It will take them directly to their survey page. Do not give the link to other backers. Each backer has a unique survey link. 

3. What’s the difference between “total value of items added” vs “funds added”?

The total value of the add-ons which have been added; some of these funds were pledged in Kickstarter, but had not yet been allocated to add-ons. The point of these numbers is not to change the amount to charge; instead it's to show you the total impact that offering add-ons in your project (both in Kickstarter and BackerKit) had on your bottom line.

4. How can I tell if a backer paid for their order?

If a backer was charged and has paid for their order, the payment text on their pledge will be green, and a Stripe ID for the transaction will be provided.

5. What keeps a backer from being finalized?

A backer won't be finalized for one of two reasons: not having a shipping address, and not providing a phone number for shipping.

6. Why is my project not syncing?

The two most common reasons are as follows: some project creators put in the wrong URL for their project, and some project creators try to sync with a campaign that hasn't launched yet. If neither of these criteria apply to your project, please contact for help.

7. Why aren’t my variants showing up?

The most common reason that variants don't show up for an add-on item or a pledge question is that the option columns are filled out incorrectly. Make sure that both the title field for the variant and the option columns for the variant combination have text in them.

8. What’s the best way to handle partial fulfillment?

If you are planning to send more than one package to a single backer, you will need to split these orders based on SKUs before you can process them using our fulfillment tools. Please contact us at to get special access to this advanced feature.

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