How does collapsing pledge levels work?

Collapsing pledge levels will consolidate all funds into one pledge level. Once collapsed, you will see it reflected in your backer's profile, and your backer will see it reflected in their survey.

How to collapse an individual backer's pledges:

1. Go to backer's profile and click the "View/Edit as Backer" button.

2. Click on the "You have multiple surveys for this project." yellow bar and then the "Want to collapse your pledges?" link.

3. Click on the pledge that should remain and then the "Collapse Pledges" button.

4. If the backer is in a situation where they need their pledge levels to be collapsed and to be moved to a different pledge level, you can go to the backer's profile, switch them to a different pledge level and hit the save button.

This backer will need to go through the survey again since they are now in a new pledge level. You can resend them their survey by clicking the "Reinvite" button or by copy their survey URL and sending it to them.

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