How do I set up digital downloads (legacy)?

Important Note: Prior to July 15th, 2015, BackerKit used a different way to distribute digital rewards. If you have been using the legacy digital reward distribution, you are reading the correct article. If you are looking for the new digital reward distribution instructions see this article.

BackerKit has a built-in system for distributing digital files and text codes to backers. You can also notify backers when new digital rewards are ready via email, even if it is months after the surveys are completed. Backers can log back into their completed BackerKit survey and download the reward.  

Setting Up Digital Reward Distribution (Legacy)

  1. Add a Digital Reward Upload
    You can upload raw files or a text file code bank.
    • Raw File: The raw file option will let you distribute files directly to each backer. There is a 50MB file size limit.
    • Code Bank: A code bank will let you distribute unique codes to each backer. You will need to prepare a text file with a code on each line (see an example). Make sure that the code bank has enough codes for all of the backers that will be receiving the reward. If your code bank runs out of codes, you will be able to add more through our tool.  
  2. Click on 'Legacy Distribute' and choose a segment that you want to distribute the code

    You will need to have created a segment of backers that you want to distribute your rewards. Learn more about segments in BackerKit.You can upload raw files or a text file code bank.

    • Choose A Segment: Choose the segment that you want to distribute the codes to.
    • Distribute: Pressing this button will go through all of the backers in the chosen segment and adds the digital reward to their survey. It will show up on the digital download page, which will list the reward code or file. 
    • Blast Notification Emails: Pressing this button will notify every backer getting digital rewards. If a backer has multiple digital rewards, it will only send one email. If you plan to send multiple digital rewards, distribute all of the rewards first before sending out the notification email. 
    • Add Codes: This is specifically used for code banks that need to be refilled if you run out of codes. You can upload another code bank file and it will add to the existing digital reward. You will receive reminder emails when the code bank counts dips below 25%, or when it's completely empty. 
    • Undo Distribute: If you have sent out a file on accident and wish to un-send it, hit Undo Distribute. It will remove the file or code from a backer's digital rewards page on the survey. 

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