Project Set Up - FAQs

Your BackerKit Account

How do I change my login email?

Log into your BackerKit project and click on the admin dropdown menu in the top-right corner of the left-hand sidebar. From there click on “Account Settings” and follow the instruction prompts.

How do I create my first project on BackerKit?

When you sign up for BackerKit for the first time, you’ll be prompted to enter your project URL. Please note that your project needs to be either live or completed for you to be able to add it into BackerKit. You will not be able to sign up with a pre-live project or a preview project link.

How do I add members to my team?

Once you’re logged into BackerKit, go to ‘Settings’ and then scroll down to the ‘Manage Your Team’ section and click the ‘Go to your Team Page’ link. There you’ll be able to enter additional email addresses to invite team members to join the project.

How do I connect my project to Stripe and do I have to use Stripe?

You'll set up your account on the "Payment Settings page: Quick Start Guide > Step 2. Prepare To Invite > Connect with Stripe". We're partnered with Stripe for this process, and it should only take a few minutes to complete.

Please note that Stripe does not support all countries yet. Please check if your country is supported here. BackerKit cannot support your campaign if you are unable to obtain a Stripe account because our system uses Stripe to collect credit card payments from backers. 

Only the Master Admin account of a BackerKit project can set up Stripe; they only need to do it once. If you're a project creator that uses BackerKit more than once for your crowdfunded campaigns, your Stripe account credentials will carry over from project to project.


What is a backer?

A backer is any individual who pledged for your campaign. We also refer to people that place a pre-order after the campaign as “Pre-Order backers” .

What is a pledge level?

Pledge levels are created on your campaign and are imported into BackerKit automatically. Backers in each pledge level should typically receive rewards as specified in the pledge level description.

What is an item / SKU?

In BackerKit we refer to specific rewards such as T-shirts, books or devices as items. Most of your reward items have variations, which are each represented with a unique value (a SKU - stock keeping unit) such as Medium/Red T-Shirt, digital book vs printed book ). For example, if you have a T-shirt item reward, it could translate into nine different SKUs if the T-shirt is available in three sizes and three colors for nine possible color and size combinations. These items and SKUs are used throughout BackerKit to track your backers' rewards and provide you with exact counts for your fulfillment process.

Import your backers

When can I import my backers?

You can import your backers from your Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaign the moment your campaign has finished. To do so go to the "Quick Start Guide > Step 2. Import your Backers".
Please note, if you run an Indiegogo InDemand campaign your new InDemand backers will only be imported after the 10-day refund deadline has passed. 

I’ve taken pledges via a third party such as PayPal, Celery etc. How can I import these backers into BackerKit?

Please email us at with a sample of the data. Our ability to work with custom data depends on your project and how the information that you want us to import is structured. These special backer imports are only supported on the standard plan and higher.

Getting Started

What is the Quick Start Guide?

The Quick Start Guide provides you with an overview of all of the steps that need to be completed in order to get your project live and ready to survey. It's a checklist that will help you to keep track of everything that needs to be done. We recommend that you follow the Quick Start Guide to ensure a seamless setup.

How do I use the Item Generator?

The Item Generator is powerful tool that you can use to create items, SKUs, add-ons and basic pledge questions. Using the Item Generator is the first step in the Quick Start Guide. Watch the video tutorial on the Item Generator page to learn how to use the tool:

Where do I review what backers in each pledge levels need to receive?

Click the "Review Pledge Levels" section in BackerKit to view which items and Pledge Questions have been assigned to each pledge level. Click on the “Preview your Surveys" tab to view a survey preview for each pledge level.

What is the difference between assigning an item to a pledge level vs. a pledge question?

Assigning an item to a pledge level doesn’t give the backer any choice in what they select, assigning a pledge question allows the backer to make a selection (like size or color) before the item is assigned to the backer. You should assign an item to the pledge level directly if it only has one SKU option. For example if you have a mug that's only available in one style, you can assign it directly to the pledge level. If you have two different mug styles, you should make a pledge question to give a backer the ability to select a style and assign the appropriate SKU option to each answer. 

How do I make pledge level switchable?

Project creators can allow backers to switch to specific pledge levels themselves. BackerKit will automatically collect the additional payment required during the survey process. This reduces the amount of manual work that a project creator would have to do each time a backer requests to switch to another level.

To allow backers to switch to a specific pledge level, go to the "Review Pledge Levels" page, click on the "Batch Edit" link at the top of the page, then click on the "Switch Pledge Levels?" tab to configure your settings.

How do I set and edit pledge level shipping fees?

Shipping fees for pledge levels are essentially one-time fees that cover the cost of shipping the item to backers. BackerKit allows you to set shipping fees based on regions and by pledge level to account for the fact that shipping fees can vary greatly depending on the destination country. Shipping fees declared during the campaign are imported into BackerKit automatically.

You can view all of your pledge levels and their associated shipping fees in one single list by clicking on the "Batch Edit" button on the top right corner in the "Review Reward Levels" page.

How do I not send surveys to a pledge level?

If you do have a pledge level you do not want to receive BackerKit surveys, go to the "Review Pledge Levels" page, click on the "Batch Edit" on the top of the page and then select "No" for the "Do not send survey" option. You can also click the "Edit Details" link for the specific Pledge Level and set the "Send Surveys" option to "No".

You may want to disable surveys for pledge levels that have backers that you'll be working with outside of BackerKit, for custom rewards for example. 

Pledge Questions

Where do I edit a pledge question?

You can edit a pledge question by going to the "Pledge Questions" page on the left-hand sidebar. From here you can edit the text and add or remove options for that question. You can also hyperlink any images you’d like to share with your backers.

What is a multi-option multiple choice pledge question?

A multi-option multiple choice question is helpful when you need backers select two or more options for a reward, e.g. color and size, and they are able to select any combination of these two options.

What is a multiple choice pledge question?

Use a multiple choice pledge question when you need to let your backers select one answer from a set of options, e.g. the color of an item.

When do I use a free form question?

A free form question will display a comment box where backers can type in a text answer. You can use a free form question whenever you want to collect additional information from backers that requires a custom text response. E.g. when you want to ask your backers how they would like their name to appear in the credits section of a game or if they have any other comments they’d like to share.

How can I make some of the selections cost more than others?

You would want to edit the pledge question of choice, from here there will be a field to enter in additional cost for the upgrade/more expensive option.

Am I able to add marketing questions in BackerKit?

Yes, absolutely. It’s very easy to ask marketing questions within BackerKit. We do recommend that you limit yourself to 3-5 marketing questions. When adding questions such as how they heard about your campaign or which types of products they’d like to see from you in the future, we recommend including an opt-out response in case backers want to complete the survey as quickly as possible. Responses are required, so offering the opt-out option gives them a quick exit.

How can I let backers upgrade a specific reward item?

You can use BackerKit to offer upgradable options that require an additional fee in your pledge questions. For example, you can offer to upgrade the memory size from 1GB to 2GB for a $10 fee by using a pledge question. When you set up a pledge question, each option will have a "Price" box in which you can add an amount that backers can pay to upgrade. E.g. if a reward level offers a PDF of a book you can include an option to upgrade to the Hardcover version for an additional fee. This method is much easier to manage than creating an add-on that will let backers upgrade an item.


How can I improve add-on item sales?

We wrote a blog post highlighting best practices which you can check out here:

Make sure that you have your add-on item menu set perfectly before you send out surveys. Backers only answer their surveys once so you only have one shot at selling add-ons. 

How do I add multiple images for add-ons?

To add images you can click into an add-on and click on "Add/Edit Images". From there you can upload images and select images to feature for the add-on's image gallery.

I have some Early Bird Pledges and would like to offer these backers add-ons at a lower cost that regular backers. How can I set this up?

You can do this by making a second set of add-ons only visible to the Early Bird Pledge Levels. You can duplicate the add-on and then update the "Who gets to see this add-on" tab. Here you’ll be able to select or deselect any of your pledge levels. For example you can select the Early Bird Pledges only and then you can go ahead and adjust the pricing to reflect the Early Bird prices. 

What are variants?

If your add-on has multiple options for a backer to choose from, e.g. sizing of a T-Shirt, we refer to each available option as a variant ( e.g. Small, Medium, Large ). Depending on the complexity of your add-on, a variant may just refer to one option ( e.g. size) or a combination of options ( e.g. size and color).

Can I charge different shipping fees for add-ons?

Yes, you can! You can assign shipping fees to each individual add-on. You can also assign different shipping fees for different countries. Shipping fees are charged on a per-item basis, so the fee will be multiplied if backers select multiple add-ons.

When do I need to set up add-on questions?

Some items may require more input from the backer. Case for Humanity, for example, allows a backer to order a box with a custom engraving on it. You can use add-on questions to solicit additional information from the backer. 

Add-on questions can have three types of answers: a free-form text field, multiple-choice options, and an upload form. NOTE: If you include a file upload field as an answer type, it can be the only answer for that question.

When will a backer see an add-on question?

Add-on questions appear to a backer on the final step of the survey after they have added items to their cart, and only if they fall into one of the groups marked as required in the add-on question.

How many times will a question appear?

A question will appear as many times as it applies to a backer. For example, if a reward tier item has a question, and that backer adds a second item as an add-on, the backer would be asked twice; once for their reward tier item, and once for their add-on item.

Can I get a report with all of my backers’ responses to the add-on question?

Yes. In the “Export” tab, you can generate a report that contains of all your add-on question responses in the “Total Count” section.

Can I create an add-on question that allows backers to leave any additional comments?

Yes, you can create question with one answer as a text field question and select it for all pledge levels. Then every backer will be asked to provide a comment.

How can I see if a backer has completed their add-on questions?

You can access the backer's survey and then look at the “Order Information” tab. There you'll be able to see what answers a backer has selected.

What happens if I create an add-on question after I have sent out surveys?

Only the backers who fill in their surveys after you created the question will see the question. If you want answers from backers who answered their BackerKit survey before you created the question, you will need to post an update asking them to return to their surveys and complete the new question. Note that adding a question after you have sent out surveys is highly discouraged.

What happens if I delete an add-on question while BackerKit is live?

This action will delete all of backers’ answers associated with the question is unrecoverable. Please contact us at if you need help editing surveys after backers have already been invited. 


What are pre-orders?

Project creators can use BackerKit as a pre-order platform to collect orders after the campaign is over. It's a great way to gain additional funds and gives anyone who missed out on your campaign a second chance! You can manage pre-order backers together with your campaign backers in BackerKit which allows you to process all orders in one place.

How do I enable or disable my pre-order store?

You can easily enable or disable your BackerKit pre-orders store from the "Pre-Orders" page linked in the left-hand menu. You will still be able to access the pre-order store while it is disabled as long as you are logged into your project as an administrator.

How do I direct people to my pre-order page?

If you have a Kickstarter project, you can direct the Kickstarter Spotlight link at the top of your campaign page to your BackerKit pre-order page. This will help redirect traffic from your Kickstarter page to your pre-order store. 

When can I start setting up pre-orders?

You can get started right away! It's a good idea to start setting up your pre-order store before your campaign ends so that you can launch the pre-order store and redirect backers as soon as the campaign ends. 

How can I add new pre-order items?

You can save a lot of time by setting up your BackerKit survey first because you can re-use add-on items that you set up for your survey in your pre-order store. You can set new shipping fees, options, or change any other details that you want to adjust for pre-order backers. Of course, you can also create new items that are unique to your pre-order store as well.

How do pre-order shipping fees work?

You can set a base shipping fee, which will apply to every pre-order regardless of what item or items the backers select. You can use the base shipping fee to cover the initial package cost.

You can also set a shipping fee for each item which will be added whenever the backer adds that item. While you are able to set up a base shipping fee as well as an item specific shipping fee, we discourage using both to make shipping fees easier for backers to understand. In many cases, it's better to build the shipping cost into the price of the item itself. Offering free shipping is usually the best way to improve your sales conversion rates.

How do I manage my pre-order items?

You can manage your pre-order items under the "Item List" on the pre-order section in BackerKit. You can always preview your pre-order store by going to  https://{your-backerkit-subdomain}

Finalizing the Set Up

Where and when can I review and adjust my SKUs?

If you already have specific SKUs for each of your item variations that you’d like to use you can go to the SKU page linked from the left-hand menu and update them there under the SKU column. 

Can I preview surveys to see what my backers will see?

Yes, click on ‘Preview Surveys’ in the left-hand menu in BackerKit. This page will allow you to review any pledge level you’d like. There’s no limit of how many times you can review it so feel free to look around and familiarize yourself with the survey. Please note that any surveys that you complete will appear as an answered survey. 

How can I request a Setup Review and how long will it take?

Completing the last step of the Quick Start Guide will start the review process. Clicking the "I’m Ready" box will trigger an automated email that will inform our team that you've requested a review. We try to complete reviews as soon as possible, but expect most reviews to be finished in 1-2 business days. We highly advise against giving backers an exact survey date until your project has been reviewed. 

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