Sending Surveys & Managing Backers - FAQs

Sending Surveys

How do I tell my backers that I’m using BackerKit?

We have an entire doc that will guide you through the process.  View the templates and instructions here!

How often should I post project updates?

See our blogpost here! ( Link will be inserted when blog post is done).

What does the invite email look like?

You can see sample emails  here.

Where can I customize the invite message?

You can customize your invite message by going to the "Preview Surveys" section from the link in the left-hand sidebar. You’ll be able to add text that will be added to all backer surveys.

How can I search for backers?

Go the the "Backers" section linked in the left-hand sidebar and enter the backer's name or email address. You can also use the QuickSearch box in the left-hand menu to search for a backer.

What does “View/Edit as Backer” mean on the backer profile page?

"View/Edit as Backer" will allow you to go through the survey and experience it as an individual backer would. You may need to access the backer's survey in this manner if a backer has trouble confirming their survey for example.

Managing Backers

What is BackerKit?

BackerKit is a pledge management tool that projects can use to manage backer information, send surveys, and a whole lot more! Feel free to reach out to our sales team at if you'd like more about how BackerKit can help you keep organized and raise additional funding! 

How do I handle lost survey requests?

Backers may reach out to you requesting for their surveys to be re-sent. We recommend including the survey recovery link in every campaign update so your backers can recover survey links on their own. The link will always be Alternatively, you can send them to our project survey finder here:

If a backer says that they are still unable to access their survey, you can locate their survey by searching for their name or email address in your BackerKit project. From there you can view the backer's profile and either hit the 'Reinvite' button which will send them a new survey link via email or you can copy and paste the unique link next to the “Reinvite” button. Please note that this link will bypass email verification and takes people directly to that backer's personal survey, so be sure to send this link to the correct person! Do not post the personal survey link in a public comment. 

Why can't a backer log in to their account? 

BackerKit does not require backers to create an account to access their survey but backers are allowed to create an optional "Master Backer" account that helps them access and monitor all of their BackerKit surveys in one place. Some backers may try to log into BackerKit directly but will receive an error message if they don't have a Master Backer account. You can follow the lost survey instructions above to help these backers.

How can a backer change their rewards?

If a backer wants to change their reward selections they can do so logging back into their survey. Just provide them with their survey link and they're good to go. The backer will not be able to edit their survey if it has been locked down--in situations like these, this will require you to edit the survey for them. Once you visit the backer's survey page, you can hit “Edit” on the pledge questions or on the add-ons to adjust the backer's survey selections. Please be sure to let them know of any additional fees that they will be charged if they are making changes that increase their order total.

How do I change add-ons for backers?

You can go ahead and re-send their survey link and ask then to make updates from their end. If you want to make changes from your end, access their survey, go to the “Add-Ons” section, and click “Edit”. You can remove or update Add-Ons here, just make sure to press “Next” to save any changes! It is a good practice to send them the link to their survey again after changes were made so they can confirm their order. 

How can a backers change their pledge level?

This is a setting that you can update before sending out your surveys. You can set each of your pledge levels to be “Switchable” and allow your backers to change pledge levels themselves when going through the survey flow. Please note that this will also allow backers to switch to lower levels, however, this does not mean that they would be able to get a refund for the remaining funds. They will simply be able to use these up via the Add-On section.

If you don't want to offer this but still need to change a individual backer's pledge level you can do so by going to their survey page, selecting the "Pledge Tier" dropdown, selecting the proper tier, and hitting “Save”. You will need to send them the survey link again, as there may be new pledge questions for them to fill out.

How do I handle refunds and cancellations?

Refunds are separated into two different categories: refunds through Kickstarter/Indiegogo, and refunds through BackerKit.

BackerKit can be used to offer a refund for any portion of funds that were added via BackerKit: after loading a backer profile, you will see a “Refund BackerKit payment” icon if a backer has been charged already.

Once you have refunded a backer, you may want to remove any of their Add-Ons and mark the backer as "Canceled" via the “Mark Campaign Pledge as Canceled” button under their Payment Information or under the "Actions" drop down on the top right corner. 

Campaign funds will need to be refunded through your crowdfunding platform, though you’ll have to go through some different steps. Indiegogo pledges can be refunded directly through PayPal, and Kickstarter pledges can be refunded through Stripe, their payment provider. Be sure to inform the user that it will take 5-10 business days for the refund to show in their account, or they may be concerned if they do not see it right away.

After you have issued a user a refund either through PayPal or Stripe, you will need to mark this backer as “Canceled” in BackerKit to finalize the change. Once you are on the backer’s survey page, click the “Mark Campaign Pledge as Canceled” button under their Payment Information. This will effectively reset their pledge to $0 and wipe any answers to filled out pledge questions.

How do I handle exchanges?

If you're planning on allowing exchanges for any items please add an FAQ advising backers of the procedure. Please note that exchanges will need to be handled through your end as BackerKit is not currently equipped to handle these requests. If you don't want to offer exchanges ( especially on clothing items) please make sure to note that so your backers are aware.

What is “Locking Down?”

“Locking down” is the last step in the order fulfillment process before rewards are marked as “Ready to Ship”. We recommend informing your backers of the lockdown date in advance to make sure they are aware of the deadline and can make any changes before then. Please note that the lockdown date will appear at the end of the backer's survey - only the month and year will display. You can set the lockdown date under the "Support" page under "Lockdown Date" - make sure to click "Save" at the bottom of the page.

Please note that the lockdown date does not automatically lock down your backers surveys. It is simply a date you'd ideally like for all your backers to respond by. You will need to manually lock down your surveys by going to the "Backers" section, clicking on the interactive "Answered" tab and follow the steps outlined. 

How else should I tell my backers about the lockdown date?

As some backers may wait to the last minute to fill out your survey, it is good practice to post an update to your backers a week before your lockdown date to remind them it is approaching. 

Why should I set up FAQs?

A well-written and detailed FAQ will be able to provide your backers with answers to common questions without ever needing to contact you directly. This will reduce the amount of tickets and will improve the Support flow for your project. We highly recommend including a sizing chart, a color chart, technical specs, and anything else that may make it easier for backers to choose their items. If you need help to hyperlink these into pledge questions feel free to contact us at! Some good examples of strong FAQs are:

The C.H.I.P.:

The Mini Museum 2:

How do I handle splitting or merging of pledges?

Backers may purchase multiple items and wish to divide their rewards as gifts. Be sure to let backers know that they will need to pay shipping for each pledge , as some may believe they only have to do this once. 

You can see a detailed description here:

How does collapsing pledge levels work?

Collapsing pledge levels will consolidate all funds into one pledge level. This is mainly applicable for Indiegogo backers who pledge for multiple items. Once collapsed, you will see it reflected in your backer's profile, and your backer will see it reflected in their survey. You can click here for more details:

Note: If you have an Indiegogo project we may be able to collapse pledge levels in batch ( rather then per individual backers) to make the survey process easier. Please contact if you want us to take a look.

How can backers change shipping addresses?

Backers will be able to adjust their shipping address on their own as long as their addresses have not been finalized yet. You can provide them with their survey link and they'll be good to go. Some backers though may still write in to change their shipping details after addresses were finalized. In this case the easiest way would be to update the details from your end as long as you haven't submitted the details to your fulfillment partner/ purchased postage or similar. To update an address just update the "Shipping Information" field on the right hand side of their survey and click "Save".

How can a backer update their payment information?

A backer will be able to update their payment information once they log into their survey as long as they have not been locked down. If a backer's credit card was declined they will receive an email that will allow them to update the details without any further action from your end. 

In the rare occasion that a backer may need to update their payment details after being locked down, we'll need to remove their payment tokens so they can re-add their details. 

How can I add complimentary credit for a backer's pledge?

You may wish to add complimentary credit to backers for different reasons ( e.g. special discount or promotion, waiving shipping fees or similar). To add complimentary credit simply go into a backer’s survey and scroll to the "Pledge Level" section and add the amount into the "Complimentary Credit" field. Hit "Save" and you’re good to go!

What is the difference between manually added items and Add-On items?

Add-Ons are items that backers select while going through their pledge, or through your Pre-Order store. These almost always are offered for a fee, and may have additional shipping fees attached. Please be sure that your shipping fees are correct! Pre-Orders can utilize a “base” shipping fee, otherwise you can set up shipping on a per-item basis.
Manually added items do not have any fees attached, and are normally used to give backers rewards for a special promotion where they get a free item or similar. These are items that backers cannot add themselves without being subject of a fee, and would typically be added on a per-backer basis. 

Can I add a note to the backers survey?

Yes! There are two fields to add notes, a private and a public notes section. Feel free to add comments in either of the fields. The responses will be available in a variety of our exports.

Locking Down

When should I lock down surveys?

You should lock down surveys when you’re ready to submit final numbers for fulfillment. That way backers will no longer be able to make changes and you can be sure that you manufacture the correct number of items.

Should I send survey reminders?

BackerKit is already set up so that automated reminders are being sent during the first 30 days after inviting. After that you can go ahead send reminders from your end - we highly encourage in doing so to make sure you reach as many stragglers as possible. Reminders can be sent from the "Backers" section under the "Not Answered" tab.

What if I only want to lock down some of my pledges, but not all of them?

Generally, it is a better idea to lock down all backer orders at the same time. If you need  to lock down backers in waves, you can use segments to filter backers by pledge level or other criteria and handle them from there.

When should I charge backers?

We recommend to charge backers when you’re about to begin the fulfillment. Charging early may result in backer complaints as they will expect to receive their rewards shortly after.
Please note that once backers are charged their surveys cannot be unlocked without issuing a refund first, therefore please make sure you’re not planning any changes before charging backers.
Also, please note that when charging backers some of their payments will be declined. These backers will receive an automated email prompting them to correct their payments and the charge will be re-attempted once the details are updated from their end.

How do I get counts for order items?

If you’re ready to submit final numbers to your fulfillment partner we recommend to mark all your backers as ‘Ready to Ship’ to make sure no changes can be made and all payments have cleared. Then you can go ahead and get exports which can give you the total number of items.
If you just want to get a brief overview you can go to the "Counts" tab and view "All items". This will give you the total count ( for all reward items, Add-Ons and Pre-Orders).

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