Allow item upgrades

BackerKit allows your backers to upgrade their pledge items to a higher-priced, premium version of the item. For example, if a backer is going to receive a softcover book as part of their pledge, you can give them an option to pay extra for the hardcover version.

To charge an additional fee for an item upgrade:

  1. Set up the item in the Item Generator. Make sure to set up the premium versions as options for the item, not as separate items.

  2. On the menu on the left, click Pledge Questions.
  3. Click the edit link next to the pledge question for the item you created.
  4. Add a price to the premium option you created. Note that the price automatically appears in the option description in the survey.

  5. Click Save Pledge Question.
  6. Preview your question in the survey to see how it appears to your backers. For more information about viewing your survey, see Preview your Survey in the Getting Started Guide.

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