What is BackerKit Launch?

BackerKit Launch

BackerKit Launch is the best way to maximize success for your upcoming crowdfunding project. Thousands of creators have used Launch to effectively engage their supporters to reach beyond their funding goals. It's the proven method to achieve the best launch ever for your next project. 

Who should use Launch?
Launch is for everyone! Anyone who is planning to launch or currently running a project can use Launch.

What can I do with Launch?
There's a lot you can do with Launch depending on where you are with the project. Here are some basic things you can do:

  • Build an email list using a landing page hosted on BackerKit. (Why build an email list?)
  • Measure the strength of your existing email list to see if you are ready to launch
  • Share your landing page with BackerKit’s backer community
  • View previous backer impact on their latest projects if you have run campaigns before
  • Easily set up and send emails to your members to get them to pledge
  • Measure real-time pledge conversion results for Kickstarter & Indiegogo projects

What does it cost?
It's free to sign up! You can build an email list, check the strength of your email list, or view insights for previous backer impact. 

With a fee of $99 per crowdfunding project, you can send unlimited email campaigns to all of your members before and during the project. You will be able to view insights about your email campaign performance and optimize your reach out based on real-time pledge activity. 

When is the best time to use Launch? 
Launch can be used by anyone planning their future project, as well as those that are currently running one.

While it's not a requirement, we recommend creators to set up their draft project on Kickstarter or Indiegogo as soon as you're ready to announce your project to your community. You can import your project into Launch as soon as you have your draft project set up. 

How do I get started?
You can sign up here.

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