How do I remind members that have not responded to an email campaign?

Once you send out your email campaign, there will be some members that might not respond right away. You can use our reminder feature to send a follow-up email so that those members will get another chance to respond to the same email campaign.

  • Reminder emails will be sent to all members that have not yet responded to the email campaign.
  • We recommend sending this once per email campaign. 
  • We recommend sending this more than 3 days after the initial email is sent
  • The subject line will automatically include "Reminder:" before the subject line.
  • The email results will be combined with the same email campaign.

How to send a reminder:

  1. Navigate to your email campaign that has already been sent.
  2. Go to the Send tab
  3. Under Send Your Campaign you will see the Not Responded section with the count of members that have not responded.
  4. Click Send Reminders
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