How do I process refunds on Crowdfunding by BackerKit?

Here is how you should handle a refund and cancellation of a pledge in BackerKit Crowdfunding.

  1. Find the backer's pledge on the Backers page in your admin dashboard.
  2. Click Refund.
  3. Enter the amount to be refunded and click Refund.
  4. The refunded amount should be reflected on the backer’s pledge page. If the backer is already imported into BackerKit Pledge Manager, locate the backers pledge page to also adjust their “Pledged Amount.”
  5. If the request was to cancel the pledge, refund the pledge first, then you should also click Cancel Pledge. Refunds are not automatically issued once a pledge is canceled.
  6. That should result in a page looking like this, with the event timeline reflecting the initial pledge, charge, refund amount, and cancellation record:
  7. If the pledge is not yet imported into the pledge manager, you’re all set.

If the pledge is imported into the pledge manager, go to the backer's pledge manager survey profile, and Mark Pledge as Canceled under Actions. You want to make sure to do this so that their credit is not used in the pledge manager. 

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