Fulfilling your crowdfunding project can be hard, unglamorous work––it's the unsexy part of the crowdfunding process. But BackerKit can help you work smarter, easing your journey to the finish line.

The Four Phases of BackerKit

1. Getting set up »

You can set up your project in BackerKit either during your campaign, or after it has already ended. Setting up is easy, and won't take long (depending on the complexity of your project).

Things you should be doing in phase one: getting set up, testing BackerKit, loading in your add-on and survey information.

2. Sending surveys to backers and getting them through »

Once you have everything set up, you can send surveys to your backers. Each backer will receive a special link where they can confirm their pledge, answer your questions, make selections, and purchase add-ons.

Things you should be doing in phase two: answering backer questions, reminding your backers, posting updates, and wrangling stragglers.

3. Locking down and manufacturing »

You can lock down when you want your backers to stop making changes to their add-ons, or if it's time to charge their cards––it gives you a good idea of how much stuff you need to make. Backers will still be able to change their address.

Things you should be doing in phase three: continuing to wrangle stragglers, locking down orders, charging cards, setting up your SKUs, watching Counts.

4. Fulfilling and shipment »

When it's time to start shipping your rewards, BackerKit has lots of tools to help, whether you taking a DIY fulfillment approach, or utilizing a fulfillment house.

Things you should be doing in phase four: wrangling last stragglers, finishing setting your SKUs, exporting reports for fulfillment, marking backers as Ready To Ship, and shipping

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