How are failed payments handled from Kickstarter?

How we'll collect their pledges

Unfortunately, some backers' credit cards will inevitably fail on Kickstarter. BackerKit recovers funds from these people by giving them a second chance to update their card info to receive the same rewards. 

Then, they'll receive automatic reminders to fill out their surveys, which leads to a much better collection rate than Kickstarter. From our experience, 1%-5% of pledged errored pledges can be typical, and Kickstarter gives these people about a week to update their cards before closing the window. 

Failed backer survey process

Errored backers will be marked as "errored" in BackerKit during the 14-day window after your campaign ends. We highly recommend waiting to send surveys until the end of this 14-day window, so that everyone who doesn't upload payment can be marked "failed" in BackerKit.

When this happens, BackerKit automatically makes their pledge amount $0, and then sends them a survey email. 

NOTE: If you first imported your project with BackerKit after this 14 day period, Kickstarter filters out failed payments from our import process, so these people won't be imported at all. Contact us if you want us to make sure they get imported.

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