How do I set up digital downloads?

BackerKit has a built-in system for distributing digital files and text codes to backers. You can also notify backers when new digital downloads are available via email, even if it is months after the surveys are completed. Backers can log back into their completed BackerKit survey and download the reward. 
Important Note: If you are looking for the old digital reward distribution, see this article.

Setting Up Digital Downloads

  1. Create a Distribution Rule

    You can create a distribution rule that will associate a specific item in an order with a digital download. You can select an existing download, or create a new one. 

    Create a New Download
    You can upload raw files, code banks, or text.
    • Raw File: The raw file option will let you distribute files directly to each backer. There is a 150MB file size limit.
    • Code Bank: A code bank will let you distribute unique codes to each backer. You will need to prepare a text file with a code on each line (see an example). Make sure that the code bank has enough codes for all of the backers that will be receiving the reward. If your code bank runs out of codes, you will be able to add more through our tool.  
    • Text: Use this if you'd like to send the same code to everyone.
    • Add Instructions: You can add instructions for each reward so that your backers know what to do with the digital reward they receive. 

    Lockdown/Payment Required?

    • You can determine whether backers can get the reward right away or require the order to be locked down and be completed with any required payment before they can see the reward. Select this option if you prefer delivering your reward after all payments are resolved. If this option is selected, you need to lockdown orders and charge cards before digital rewards can be distributed.
  2. Distribute the Downloads

    "Distributing" will place the digital downloads on the backer's digital download page at the end of their survey. It will continue to automatically distribute the downloads to any backer that may obtain the specific that was assigned to the distribution rule.

    • Start the distribution
      You can click "Start Distribution' to initiate the distribution rule. 
      • If backer is not invited to BackerKit, it will not distribute the download.
      • If Lockdown/Payment is set to required, it will not distribute the download until payments are collected.
    • Auto-distribution: "Set it and forget it"
      Once a distribution starts, the downloads will automatically be distributed to a backer that adds the reward at a later time, so you don't have to worry about re-distributing.
      • If Lockdown/Payment is required, distribution will not occur until orders are locked down and payments are collected.
      • A notification email will be sent whenever a reward is auto-distributed.
      • Auto-distribution checks once a day to see if there are new backers that may need to have downloads distributed. You can force distribute existing downloads by pressing 'Refresh' 
  3. Notify your Backers via Email

    Notification email will be sent out to your backer for each digital download. 

    • Want to send notifications out immediately?
      Press the 'Blast Notification Emails' to immediately push an email notification to all of your backers receiving digital downloads. If backers are receiving multiple rewards, it will group all currently distributed downloads into a single email.
    • Have a lot of digital downloads to distribute, but don't want your backers to get tons of emails?
      No problem! If you distribute multiple downloads, it will only send one email per backer for all of the rewards that they were distributed on the same day. If new downloads become available at a later time, they will receive a separate email for that so they can log back in. 

What does the backer see?

Backers will see a digital downloads page that will list all of their downloads/codes.

Manage Your Distribution

You can manage your distribution by adding more codes for a code bank, or undoing a distribution.

  • Undo Distribute: If you have sent out a file on accident and wish to un-send it, hit Undo Distribute. This will remove the file or code from all backers that have this digital downloads. You can remove downloads for individual backers by going to their backer profile page.
  • Add More Codes: This is specifically used for code banks that need to be refilled if you run out of codes. You can upload another code bank file and it will add to the existing digital downloads. You will receive reminder emails when the code bank counts dips below 25%, or when it's completely empty.

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