How do I merge or split backer pledges?

BackerKit can handle situations in which a backer wants to combine separate pledges into a single pledge, or split a single pledge into separate pledges. 

Note: Indiegogo backers with multiple pledges can have their pledges collapsed together if they have the same email addresses for their pledges. Please contact if you need this to be done.


In some cases, a backer might have multiple pledges that need to be merged together. Let's assume for the moment that a backer has pledged to a Kickstarter campaign using two different email addresses. One pledge is for $20, but the backer paid a second $30 pledge to get some extra rewards. Maybe you want to combine the order together so that you can send everything out in one package.

Look up the pledges

Backers can be found through the search system in the left-hand menu. You can search for backers by name as well as by email address. Note: If a backer has multiple pledges, they will be listed multiple times in the search results.

Transfer values

Manually add the Pledge Amount values from one pledge to the other. Instead of having one $20 pledge and one $30 pledge, make one of the pledges for $50, and the other for $0.

Delete extra pledge

Delete the $0 pledge by going to Actions > Remove Pledge from a pledge's overview page.


In other cases, a backer might need to have one pledge split into multiple pledges. Let's suppose a backer pledges $180 on Kickstarter, but did so under the assumption that they were getting an $80 pledge reward package for themselves and a $100 pledge reward package as a gift to someone else.

Create New $0 Pledge

On a backer's pledge, click the Action button, then select Create New Pledge. This will automatically create a new $0 pledge for the backer. Additionally, if the backer filled out a shipping address, it will be copied to the new pledge automatically.

Adjust Amounts

In this step, you will need to deal with adjusting the pledge amounts of both pledges. If you're creating $100 from an $180 pledge, adjust one pledge to have the Pledge Amount value of $100, and set the other to the value of $80. Be sure to check that the pledge level amount matches the amount pledged, or the backer will need to pay the difference in values.

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