How do I use BackerKit as a backer?

If you’ve never used BackerKit before, here is a quick rundown on how to use it.  You don't need an account with BackerKit. Just click the "Click Here to Respond" link in your email, fill it out, and you're done! 

Step 1: Start your survey. 

Select your country and click “Get Started!” to begin your survey.

Step 2: Answer the survey questions assigned to your pledge level.

Step 3:  Add available add-ons to your pledge (optional).

Here, you will see your pledge level on the left and a list of rewards that are included in your pledge on the right. Make sure it is correct. You also have the option to add-on additional items to your pledge if you wish to do so.

Step 4: Enter your shipping address.

If you are receiving physical goods, you will be asked for your shipping address. The phone number is required by most shipping couriers. The address validator will try to correct any small typos to make sure your address is correct. Make sure you double-check any corrections before clicking "Next" again because the address will be saved.

Step 4: Confirm your survey.

Click "Edit Pledge Questions" or "Edit Add-ons" here if you would like to go back and make some changes.

Step 5: You're finished! 

You're all done! Show your love by using our Twitter or Facebook widgets to share that you've supported the project. 

Pro-tip: Did you know?

You can go back to your survey and change your survey answers, add-ons, shipping address, and credit card information any time before the project creators lock down surveys in preparation for manufacturing and shipping.

Input your email under "Lost your survey?" on the project page and click "Get My Survey."

Then, click on the link in your email to return to your survey to make changes:

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