How do I set up shipping tables?

Important: BackerKit recommends charging a per-item shipping fee for streamlined costs and shipping efforts. For more information, see Add shipping fees.

Use shipping tables if you need advanced precision in your shipping fees for add-on items. With shipping tables, collect shipping fees based on quantity of items, the weight of the entire order, or using a unique shipping fee configuration for a specific item. For example, you can charge a flat shipping fee for the first item ordered and add smaller per-item fees for subsequent items.

To set up shipping tables:

  1. On the menu on the left, click Add-ons.
  2. Click the Shipping Tables tab.
  3. If necessary, create a list of countries that require distinct shipping fees.:
    1. Under Shipping Regions, click New Shipping Region.
    2. Under New shipping region, enter a name for the region and add the countries.
    3. Click Create Shipping region.
  4. Under Shipping Tables, click New Shipping Table.
  5. Enter a name for the table and specify the whether the table calculates shipping based on quantity or weight.

    Note: Backers will see the shipping table name.

  6. Click Add Shipping Table.
  7. Under Regions, click Add a shipping region and select the regions where this shipping table applies.
    1. Add shipping rules for the additional shipping costs you want to charge.
    2. Click Done.
  8. Under Apply this shipping table to add-ons, select the items to include in the shipping calculations.
  9. Click Save.

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