How do I set up shipping tables?

This feature enables project creators to set up more complex shipping fees for add-ons. It's perfect for projects that would like to collect shipping fees based on quantity or weight for the entire cart, or would like to have a unique shipping fee configuration for a specific item. For example, if you want to charge a flat fee for the first item ordered, and for any subsequent item you want to add a smaller fee per item, you will be able to set that up with this feature .

To configure shipping tables, navigate to:

Add-onsShipping Tables
  1. Start by setting up Shipping Regions. Create grouping of countries that need distinct shipping fees. Shipping Regions are used to create specific regional shipping rules.
  2. Create a new Shipping Table by entering a name. This will be displayed on the survey. 
  3. Select a Kind by choosing quantity or weight. This allows you to create rules based on the number or weight of items.
  4. Click Add Shipping Table.
  5. Start by adding your shipping regions to your shipping table
    1. Select a shipping region. Everywhere Else applies to all countries not in any of your other shipping regions.
    2. Add rules by entering the Max value for the range and the Amount. Minimum value is set for you based on previous rules created.
    3. Click Add Rule. You can add as many rules as you need.
  6. Assign completed shipping tables to add-ons. A Shipping Table dropdown will appear on each add-on edit page once shipping tables are created.

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