How do I refund a backer?

When it comes to refunding backers for their payments, it is worth mentioning that there are at least two separate sources to deal with: payments made through BackerKit, and payments made for the original campaign.

Refunds in BackerKit

BackerKit can be used to refund any payments made through it - for example, for add-on items. If you need to refund a backer who has added funds inside of BackerKit and has been charged, go to the backer's profile and you will see the " Refund BackerKit Payment" button.

To make sure they don't get charged for the items again when you move them through the flow, you will need to remove the refunded items from their cart. To do this, you will need to go to the Add-ons section in their profile, hit the Edit link, remove the item from their cart, and confirm the updates. Then, when you move the backer to the next phase of fulfillment, they will not owe any money.

Refunds outside of BackerKit

When it comes to refunding a backer for their pledge, it will be necessary to perform the refund via the platform through which the pledges were originally collected. Indiegogo backers can be refunded through PayPal for their original pledges; Kickstarter pledges can be refunded through Stripe.

Mark backer as refunded

After refunding a backer through PayPal or Amazon Payments, you will need to reflect the change in BackerKit. When visiting the backer's pledge, hit the Mark Campaign Pledge as Canceled button under their Payment Information. This will reset the backer's pledge in BackerKit to $0, add "refunded" to their name and email address fields, and remove any answers to pledge questions that were previously selected.

Partial Refunds

Sometimes, a backer will purchase add-on items and later wish to refund part of their purchase after being charged. Here's how to refund only part of their BackerKit order.

Look up Stripe ID

A Stripe ID link appears on the profile of any backer that has been successfully charged for their order. This link will point you directly to

Perform Partial Refund

From the Stripe dashboard, a backer can be refunded for part of their purchase. Refunds occur within 5-10 days of the issue date. (Scroll to end for what a charge looks like after a partial refund.)

Adjust Cart Items

After performing the partial refund, be sure to manually remove the item from the backer's add-on cart.

What a stripe charge looks like after a Partial refund:

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