I don't owe anything - Why am I being asked for my payment information?

For some projects, even though you don't have an outstanding balance, the Backerkit survey will ask for your payment information. The card you put on file will be used to pay for the shipping fees once the creator has finalized shipping prices closer to the time of fulfillment. (see below)

Due to the volatility of shipping prices globally, creators cannot give exact estimates for the shipping fees on their campaigns. Charging for shipping fees at a later date allows for creators to offer an exact shipping fees once they have accurate shipping estimates for their backers. Since most projects don't begin shipping until production is complete for their rewards, the originally estimated shipping costs may go up or even go down depending on the region you live in. The creators will plan to update the shipping costs & charge backers for shipping closer to fulfillment when they have better estimates of what it will cost to ship backers rewards. The project team will alert you and other backers via an update email when shipping costs are finalized & before they charge your cards in your BackerKit survey. 

The amount owed on your survey now is not the final amount, and will be updated at a later date.

If you are still hesitant to leave your card on file for an undetermined amount, please feel free to leave your survey incomplete until the creators lock in the shipping costs and update backers via an update. Your survey won't be cancelled and you will still receive your rewards as long as you complete the survey on time. You will still be able to complete the survey once shipping prices are finalized and entered into your survey by the creators.

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