BackerKit Community Guidelines

We seek to foster a community of respect, creativity, and transparency on BackerKit. To do that, all of us must act with good intent, respect, and civility toward one another, creators and backers alike. In short, be excellent to each other

Here are some guidelines we insist on:

  • Respect Everyone. BackerKit promotes an environment of mutual respect and kindness. Personal attacks, harassment, threats, or any language promoting violence, bigotry, or discrimination towards any marginalized group, are strictly not allowed.
  • Stay On-Topic. BackerKit values genuine conversations and interactions. Please refrain from spamming, trolling, or flooding the conversation with off-topic or unsolicited messages. Let's make sure the discussion remains authentic and beneficial to everyone.
  • Protect Privacy. BackerKit prioritizes the safety and privacy of all its users. Please do not share private or identifying information about another user that they have not shared on BackerKit. Sharing such details without the individual's consent is considered a serious violation of privacy.

What if someone violates the Community Guidelines?

Our response depends on the seriousness of the violation. If you knowingly and consistently go against our community rules, it can lead to more serious consequences. Some of the steps we might take include:

  • Sending a warning email
  • Removing inappropriate comments
  • Placing temporary or permanent restrictions on your account, like limiting your ability to comment, send messages, and create or support upcoming projects
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