Reporting a violation on BackerKit

We seek to foster a community of respect, creativity, and transparency on BackerKit. To do that, all of us must act with good intent, respect, and civility toward one another, creators and backers alike. In short, be excellent to each other.

Please keep in mind, only content that violates our BackerKit Crowdfunding Rules, Community Guidelines, or Terms of Service will be actioned accordingly.

Reporting a project

To report a project you believe violates any of BackerKit's guidelines, simply click "Report this project" at the bottom of the project page. Our Trust & Safety team will review your report and inform you via email about any actions taken.

Copyright or trademark infringement

Before submitting a copyright infringement complaint to us, if you're uncertain about whether content on BackerKit violates your copyright, we advise consulting with a lawyer. Falsely claiming copyright infringement could result in being held responsible for damages, including legal fees and expenses incurred by project creators or others.

If you believe your copyright is infringed, consider reaching out to the project creator directly. If the matter cannot be resolved directly, please be sure to file a complaint directly through our contact forms.

For further details on filing a report, please review the BackerKit Copyright Policy.

Spam or inappropriate comments

To report inappropriate, spam, or irrelevant comments on your project, use the "Report" button next to the comment.

Reporting an account

If you have concerns about a user engaging in personal attacks, making a fraudulent pledge, spamming, or sharing personal information, you can use the "Report" button on a user's profile.

For any other violation reports, please reach out to our Trust & Safety team through our contact page or by emailing our Trust & Safety team directly at We will investigate any potential violations and respond accordingly.

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