Does BackerKit collect failed payments?

BackerKit can recoup failed payments from both your crowdfunding site and any failed payments processed in BackerKit.

Collecting payments from Kickstarter

If a backer’s payment isn’t collected during the time allotted by Kickstarter to receive funds, BackerKit will attempt to collect funds from these backers.

BackerKit sends backers their survey and when they fill it out, payment is collected for their pledge amount and any add-on items they purchase.

Note: If you imported your project to BackerKit after the end of the payment period on Kickstarter (14 days), Kickstarter filters out failed payments and these backers are not imported. Contact us to import these backers.

For more information about the best time to send surveys to ensure you receive all of your pledge funds, see Best practices for backer communication.

For more details and tips on collecting failed payments, see our blog post Dealing with failed payments.

Collecting failed payments in BackerKit

If a backer’s payment method for add-on items or other fees fails, BackerKit automatically notifies the backer of the failed payment and directs them to update their payment information. Once the backer updates their payment information, BackerKit processes the payment.

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