How do I integrate with ShipStation?

To fulfill your orders with ShipStation, use the following instructions to set up your integration:

  1. On the ShipStation website, navigate to Settings > Account > API Keys.

    Note: Sign in to your primary admin account, that is, the account you initially created with ShipStation, to generate the API key.

  2. Click Generate New API Keys.
  3. Copy the API key.
  4. In BackerKit, on the menu on the left, click Start Shipping.
  5. Select Fulfillment Integration.
  6. Click the Connect to Services tab.
  7. Click Add New Connection.
  8. Select ShipStation as your fulfillment service.
  9. Enter the API key and other required information. 
  10. Click Click Save

If you find that when you use the "Search Stores" button in BackerKit when setting up your integration there are no options, you need to set up a new "Store" or Selling Channel in ShipStation. You can use the "ShipStation" option in the store selection. 

Note: Your store GUID is  ######, and corresponds with a Store set up in ShipStation, that number can be retrieved after the Store has been setup in ShipStation. 

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