Digital Downloads: How do I set up my digital download?

If one of your rewards includes a digital download or an access code used for a specific item, such as unique codes for a game, you can distribute the download or access code to your backers with BackerKit.

You can provide your backers a file they can download (250 MB size limit), a unique code to each backer, or a single code for use by many backers.

To upload your digital download file or create an access code and set up the distribution:

  1. On the menu on the left, click Digital Downloads.
  2. Click Create a New Distribution Rule.
  3. In the Name of Distribution box, enter a name describing the download or who will receive your download or access code.
  4. In the If the order includes list, select the item associated with the download or code.
  5. In the give them this download list, select a download or code you already created, or select Create a New Download to set up a download.
    1. If you’re creating a new download or access code, in the Name box, create a name for your download or access code.
    2. Select the type of download you want to create:
      1. Select Raw File to provide a file for your backers to download.
      2. Select Code Bank to send a unique access code to each of your backers. You must create a text file with a complete list of your codes to use this option, one code per line. Make sure that the code bank has enough codes for all of the backers receiving the access code. If you run out of codes you can add additional codes later.
      3. Select Text to create a single code to send to all of your backers.
    3. If you chose Raw File or Code Bank, click Choose File to upload your digital download or the text file that contains all of your codes.orIf you chose Text, in the Text box, enter the code you want to send to your backers.
    4. If you want to provide instructions to your backers, enter any additional information in the Instructions box.
  6. If the order must be locked or payment is required before you distribute the download or code, select the checkbox 

    Distribute the reward only if the order is locked and all required payment is collected

  7. Click Save.

Please note: If you have files that are larger than 250mb, please get in touch with our Success team at to see if we can accommodate larger file sizes.

If your digital download files are very large (over 2GB), you can look into services such as Dropbox, DriveThruRPG, or SendBig, to host those files and distribute. Or, host the files, and distribute the links through BackerKit.

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