How do I cancel a backer's pledge?

You may want to cancel a backers pledge from BackerKit if you provided the backer a refund, if the backer never paid for for their pledge, if you cancelled their pledge on Kickstarter or Indiegogo (you must cancel the pledge in BackerKit too, the software doesn't detect if a pledge was cancelled outside of BackerKit) or if you merged multiple pledges from the same backer.

Pro Tip: Mark pledges as canceled rather than deleting backers. This ensures pledge dollars and items are removed from your totals, but you still have a record of the backer.

To remove a backer:

  1. On the menu on the left, click Backers.
  2. Search for the backer by their name, email address, notes, or pledge ID.

    Note: If a backer has multiple pledges, they will be listed multiple times in the search results.

  3. When you find the backer, click their name.
  4. From the Actions menu in the top right corner, select Mark Pledge as Canceled.

    Pro Tip: Leave notes on the order page with any refund transaction IDs, dates or other information as a paper trail.

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