How do I send surveys?

You can send surveys to all your backers at once, or to smaller groups of backers, or individually from order pages.

Note: If your campaign has more than 5000 backers, our system requires surveys to be sent out in smaller batches. This is managed by our Success team.

Send all surveys at the same time

After your Smoke Test has been sent, with over 60% completion and no survey issues, you may send the remaining surveys from your Main Dashboard. 

To send surveys to all backers at the same time:

  1. In Blue Box on Dashboard 'Send Surveys' will begin send the initial survey invites to backers via email. 
    1. BackerKit sends automated reminders on days 3, 7, 14, 21, 30, and then once a month after surveys have been triggered. 
    2. After 30 days since you've sent surveys out to your backers, you'll be able to come into BackerKit to manually send a reminder to those backers. That button will appear in the "send & remind" area of the take action timeline. You can only click that button once a day.
  2. Take Action Timeline - Send & Remind (after 30 days)
  3. Under Not Answered, click Send Reminders

Send surveys to specific groups of backers

If you want to process your survey responses in smaller batches, rather than gathering all the data at once, you can send your survey to smaller groups of backers.

To send surveys to specific groups of backers:

  1. On the menu on the left, click Segments.
  2. Select the segment you to send surveys to.
  3. Click the "Send & Remind" link located within the segment.
  4. Click Send Surveys.

    Note: If you already sent the survey to some backers in the segment, they won’t receive it again.

Send survey manually to Individual Backers

Locate the backer by searching their name or email address in the Search Bar at the top of your dashboard:

  1. Click 'Resend' under their email address

When to send surveys to Backers

TIP: We advise sending surveys early in the week (Mon-Wed) for optimal response rates and prompt support. Our team isn't available on weekends, which could delay assistance. If backers inquire about surveys, a brief update about finalizing the process can be comforting. For more update templates, visit: link. This approach enhances survey responses and overall experience.

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