Overview: Surveys

Surveys are the primary way you collect information from your backers in BackerKit. We provide an integrated experience where you can gather information from backers and get your final counts for production without manual updates and multiple spreadsheets.

When your backers receive their survey, they can see the add-on items you have available for purchase and can share information about your campaign on social media. Your backers provide their shipping address in the survey, and they have the flexibility to update their details until you’re ready to ship.

When you send out your survey, your backers will see the items they’re receiving for their pledge level. If they need to make a choice about one of those items, such as color or size, they’ll do that in the survey. If they want to buy an add-on item and need to choose some specific details about that item, they’ll do that in the survey as well.

BackerKit aggregates survey responses into easy-to-read reports, so you know exactly how many of each item you need to produce.

Important: If you ran your campaign with Kickstarter, the BackerKit survey replaces the Kickstarter survey. You do not use both BackerKit and Kickstarter surveys.

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