Can I offer discounts to boost sales?

You can offer discounts on items in your pre-order store or for add-on item purchases by providing coupon codes to your backers.

Coupon codes allow you to provide a flat discount for purchases made with the code. Once you set up a code, any backer can use it. If you disable a code, it won’t work for new backers trying to use the code, but the discount remains in place for backers who already used it.

Read our blog post Release Update: Coupon Codes for more details about increasing sales with coupon codes

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How do I set up coupon codes?

To set up coupon codes:

  1. On the menu on the left, click Add-ons.
  2. Click the Coupon Codes tab.
  3. Click Create a New Coupon Code.
  4. In the Name box, enter the name of the code you want to send your backers. For example, if you want to offer five dollars off a purchase, you could use the code: 5OFF.
  5. In the Discount Amount box, enter the amount of the discount you want to offer. The discount amount is subtracted from the pre-tax total of pre-order or add-on item purchases.

    Note: Enter the dollar value only. Don’t use any symbols, such as $.

  6. Turn off the Enabled check box if you want to wait to activate your code. Once your code is activated, backers will see a Coupon Code box when viewing add-on items in the survey or your pre-order store.
  7. Click Save Coupon Code.

How do I end promotions?

To end a promotion:

  1. On the menu on the left, click Add-ons.
  2. Click the Coupon Codes tab.
  3. Find the code you want to deactivate and click the Edit link.
  4. Turn off the Enabled check box.
  5. Click Save Coupon Code.
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