How do I gather/promote additional information from my backers?

Use Pledge Questions to Collect Additional Information

Newsletter or Mailing List Signups

We ALWAYS recommend building your community! The best way is by growing your email list. Asking backers if they consent to being added to your mailing list will ensure your mailing list is filled with folks who want to hear from you. You can use these lists to promote future products or projects, safely knowing everyone on the list knows they are on your list. This reduces the number of unsubscribes or complaints made against any email campaign you may send.

Gathering Information or Marketing Pledge Questions

Are you the type to ask your community what they would like to see next? Take advantage of using pledge questions to ask specific questions to your backers! Not only will you gather important data that can help you create an amazing new campaign, but you'll also strengthen your relationship with your backers. The most successful creators ask, listen and take action for their backers, and this definitely doesn't go unnoticed.

You may want to ask your backers for additional information or ask marketing questions to help with your next campaign. These open-ended questions are known as free-form questions.

You can create free-form survey questions to gather detailed answers from your backers or understand who your backers are and what they love about your items. The following are example questions you may ask:

  • What name do you want to appear in the movie credits?
  • What is your Twitter handle?
  • How did you hear about our campaign?
  • What types of products do you want to see in the future?

To create a free-form question:

  1. On the menu on the left, click Pledge Questions.
  2. In the top right corner, click Add Pledge Question there are existing pledge questions, if this is the first pledge question you are creating click Create a New Pledge Question on the bottom right.
  3. In the Question Text box, enter the text of the question.
  4. Under Answer Choices > Question style:
    1.  Choose Free-form to collect necessary additional information, when using Free-form it forces backers to enter text, so it's only recommended to use this option if the answer is required to fulfill the backers reward
    2. If the question is optional choose Multiple Choice >> + Add an option to allow backers to type in their response, and create another option as an "Opt Out" option. 
  5. Option: Answer Text:If you want to include additional text to help your backers answer the question, enter it in the Answer prompt box.
    1. For Free-form answer choices, the answer prompt is optional
    2. For a Backer Acknowledgement answer choice, enter "I understand."
  6. Under Who sees this question? select the backers who should answer this question.
  7. Click Save Pledge Question.

Pro Tip: BackerKit recommends limiting the number of marketing questions you ask to five and allowing your backers to skip these additional questions. To allow your backers to skip a question, provide an answer choice, such as “No answer,” that allows them to move on quickly to the next part of the survey.

Note: When you create free-form questions, if you use the count feature to see a summary of the answers your backers provided, you'll see the text "all answers are unique" as BackerKit can't process these answers for you.

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