Overview of Exports

What is an export?

Exports are CSV/Excel reports that creators can download from BackerKit.

BackerKit turns backers’ survey answers into readable, actionable data that creators can use to take next steps. 

How do I retrieve an export?

Creators can export from the “exports” tab on the sidebar, but these reports include ALL backers regardless of their survey status, including backers that did not complete their survey or have not been charged for additional funds. (This is okay for ESTIMATING, not for shipping).

For fulfillment or final numbers, creators should export from segments. For example, creators can segment using the filter "Backer Status is - Ready to Fulfill," filter, save, and export. Here's a video on how. 

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What kind of exports does BackerKit Have?

Fulfillment Exports

SKU per Column, SKU per Line, and SKU and Quantity Listed and Alphabetical Order are the most commonly requested formats by fulfillment companies. If we do not already have an integration or a specific export for your fulfillment partner, you can ask them which of these three formats will work. 

SKU Per Column

All SKUs listed per column for each backer (a total of one line for each backer showing different quantities in the relevant SKU columns). 

Although this would have much more information on it than the simplified example below, you can check this out for reference:

SKU Per Line

SKUs broken down per line for each backer (multiples lines in the export for a single backer based on each individual SKU they maybe receiving).

SKU and Quantity Listed in Alphabetical Order

SKU and Quantity listed dynamically for each backer. Each backer has one line on the export, with a list of the items they're getting plus quantities.

Miscellaneous Exports

Package Groups

This displays each group of backers that are receiving the identical orders. Each package group (a unique combination of SKUs) is separated out and beneath it are listed the backers who fall inside that package group. This is helpful for a detailed breakdown of which backers are getting the same SKU combinations and will help you prepare for fulfillment. 

Package Group Counts

This consists of the counts of every package group. Each package group has one line on the export, with a count of how many backers are in that group. This is helpful for estimating what quantities of different packing materials you will need to purchase for fulfillment. 

Pack List

This shows a printable pack list of backer orders. Contains each backer, their complete order, and pledge information in an HTML format. This is great for reading custom orders (such as those backers with engravings or answers to free form questions).

Postage Overview

This includes all postage bought via BackerKit. Each row consist of the backer with their shipping information and BackerKit postage cost. Will only export backers that are marked as fulfilled.

SKU-Item Counts

This is a breakdown of counts of all SKUs. Each row consist of one SKU, the total count for that SKU. This export is helpful for estimating quantities for manufacturing prior to shipping.


This displays backer emails and their unique survey invite URL. You can use this export to reach out to backers with custom information (via MailChimp or another email service provider).

Tracking Numbers

This includes shipped backers with their tracking numbers. Each line contains one backer and their tracking/shipping information (if applicable).

Freeform Question Responses

Displays backers with freeform responses from their pledge questions and add-on questions.

Account Exports

Expected Revenue  

This displays the funds expected to be collected in BackerKit. Each line contains the backer ID, backer name, backer state, backer country, pledge level cost, pledge level upgrades, add-on cost, shipping cost, tax cost and total cost. Note: This is an expected revenue report. This report is what your backers are expected to pay if you haven't charged cards. This report can be used after backers have been charged within BackerKit, if you want more accurate numbers. 

Collected Revenue 

This displays all the Transactions that occurred inside of BackerKit (This does include Kickstarter/Indiegogo transactions. Those transactions are located towards the bottom of the export that's titled "platform_pledge" in the transaction column). This displays the funds already collected in BackerKit. Each line contains the backer ID, backer email, backer state, backer country, transaction ID, transaction date, transaction amount, and transaction source. This report will only help if you have already charged your backers within BackerKit.

Fulfillment House Exports

This section includes the proper export layout for Ship Naked, Floship, Easyship, Amazon, and GameQuest. Each export is a unique layout that the fulfillment company requires to process your orders. You can download the correct export and send it to any of the fulfillment companies (listed above) that you're working with to ship out your orders.

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