How Do I Set an Inventory Limit on my SKUs?

Limit the quantity within the addon.

To limit the quantity of your add-on items, go to " Customize Add-Ons" on the sidebar and click "Edit" next to the add-on you wish to limit. You can provide a "Quantity in Stock" number and/or a "Limit per Backer" and Save. Once the quantity is met, the add-on will automatically hide itself.

Limit the quantity in pledge levels and addons (project-wide basis).

If you are interested in limiting the quantities of your SKUs on a project-wide basis (pledge items plus add-on items), you can use our new beta feature, "SKU Availabilities."

Once this is enabled on your project, your success manager will give you a link where you can set a limit per SKU under "Max Quantity."

We recommend building a buffer into the limit you set on of your SKUs. For example, if you have 10x of an item left, you should put that you have 8 left into the SKU Inventory page. This is because a single backer can add more than the limit to their cart. Once the backer gets through his or her order and confirms it, the SKUs will be hidden for all future backers who come through the survey. To avoid backers adding more than the set limit, we also recommend to also set a limit per backer for your add-on items.

This feature was built for projects with high SKU counts and limited inventory. Instead of these creators needing to check in on the "counts" page on a daily basis and hide variants by hand, the SKU Availabilities feature is intended to alleviate the bulk of that manual work. 

If you think you need this enabled on your project, contact your success manager (or contact us).

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