Smoke Test! - Best Practices

After your setup is approved and before you send surveys to all of your backers, we require that you send a Smoke Test to 5% of backers across all pledge levels. The smoke test can be easily sent with a click of a button from your project home page and will be available on your end once the project is live.

After the smoke test is out, you can monitor backer inquiries and key stats around survey performance — once all looks good you can send the remaining surveys. We suggest to wait a minimum of two hours or until you have 60% survey completion to ensure that the Backer Support Inquires are low before proceeding. 

Please note that this dashboard will change once the smoke test is completed and the rest of your surveys are sent.

Expectations: During the Smoke Test, please monitor your email inbox for forwarded tickets from our Support Team and Kickstarter inbox for backer inquiries. If any problems occur during the smoke test, Backer Support will reach out to your Support Team to address those issues.

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