Add-on stretch goals

Didn’t hit a stretch goal item in your original campaign? BackerKit's add-on stretch goal feature enables you to set an “order goal” for an add-on so you can run an item-based “stretch goal” campaign. The idea is that you'll be able to add the item(s) you might not want to commit producing unless it reaches a certain number of orders.

To enable:

Enter your order goal into the "Stretch Goal Target" box within the add-on creation page. 

Once the add-on is saved, your stretch goal will be live! The item will be displayed as "locked" to the backer until the order reaches its goal. 

IMPORTANT: If the add-on does not reach the goal, you will need to delete the add-on before charging backers' cards. We will warn you within the charge cards section if these are not deleted.

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