Asset Recommendations For Your Marketing Campaign

If you're getting ready to run social media ads for your campaign (either by using BackerKit Marketing or on your own), the marketing assets (images and video) you use can make a huge difference. Here are our requirements and recommendations:

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General Requirements


  • File type:. jpg or .png (we cannot accept raw .psd files at this time)
  • We ask for square (1080x1080px) and landscape (1200x628px) images, in the highest resolution
  • Most recently, we have been noticing good performance from vertical images (Stories and Reels) with a 9:16 ratio, minimum of 1080x1920px
  • Optional: feel free to include images with badges (“just launched”, “final days”, etc)

Video & GIF

  • Dimensions: Landscape video: minimum 640x360, maximum: 1920 x 1080. Square video: Minimum: 360 x 360, maximum: 1920 x 1920. Vertical video: Minimum: 360 x 640, maximum: 1080 x 1920.
  • Landscape aspect ratio is 16:9. Square aspect ratio is 1:1. Vertical is 9:16. 
  • Max video file size is 4GB.
  • Recommended video formats; .MP4 and .MOV.

Other notes to keep in mind if you're using our marketing services:

  • When using BackerKit Marketing, we emphasize quantity AND quality. Here are a few reasons why:
    • Because we curate the images on our side, we like to start with a large set.
    • Oftentimes the best performing assets are a surprise and counterintuitive. 

Whether you're using BackerKit Marketing or striking out on your own, the following is important to keep in mind:

  • The best images often strike a balance between explaining and teasing the product.  
  • It is NOT the objective of images and ads to close the sale. Rather, it’s to entice the right person to click through as quickly and spontaneously as possible. The sell/close happens on your Kickstarter page. Trying to be too comprehensive or explanatory in the assets can backfire for the following reasons:
  • Every split second that end-user ruminates on image/ad adds a huge drop-off in click-thru probability.
    • Trying to over-explain could give the end-user one “no” reason too early. End-user might make a quick no decision before getting to the Kickstarter page.

We hope this helps! If you have any questions, feel free to contact your BackerKit account manager.

Asset Recommendations By Category

Below we have provided specific asset recommendations based upon the top-performing assets for each category.

Tabletop Games

  • Images containing game components such as miniatures, the box, and the product art have shown the best performance in terms of engagement and conversions.
  • Feel free to provide variants with AND without text, highlighting the project stage (“Just launched," “Final Hours," etc.) or any other details (“Kickstarter exclusive,"etc.).
  • Other trends of high-performing images include the ones that have testimonial/review quotes of the game. 


Augmented Reality Tabletop RPG projects

  • Short 15-second clips of the software being used / screen shares overall tend to outperform images. Images that performed well were mostly screenshots of the software which showcased a high level of details within the map. 
  • For example, in the images below you can see the textures of the tile and wood, small details players tend to appreciate in their RPG maps. 

DnD 5E & RPGs

  • For DnD supplement books, we have seen excellent performance on images that depict artwork of gear, monsters, items, races, classes, etc. with text showing stats, how much damage it does, perks to abilities, etc.
  • DnD 5E product ads are unique in that displaying more specifics and details actually work well. For instance, renders of an open book with text and images of what the supplement will look like have led to higher conversions than other images. 
  • For RPGs, the clean and simple render of the book cover tends to be the top performer amongst our most successful campaigns.
  • Other trends of high-performing DnD 5E images include the ones with large text featuring the name of the project.


Product Design: technology, EDC, apparel, fitness etc.

  • We recommend you include a range of videos in various sizes: landscape (for Youtube), square (for Instagram and Facebook), and vertical (for Instagram stories and reels).
  • Recommended video dimensions are 1280 x 720 pixels for landscape, 1080 x 1080 pixels for square, and 1080 pixels x 1920 pixels for vertical. 
  • Images that showcase the product in a physical environment, demonstrating the benefits they provide, generally outperform studio product shots. However, recent top-performing images have included close-up images of the product taken in a studio as they showcase the quality of the product for the consumer.
  • Other trends of high-performing product design images include the ones that use text to call out specific benefits, early bird/discount pricing, or the product's name. 


Video Ad Examples: 


  • Images that showcase the product in action have shown the highest conversion rate. We recommend that you avoid photo renders with transparent backgrounds and no logo or other identification. We have seen studio product shots perform well with a logo and appealing background


  • The highest converting tarot images are the ones that fan out the cards, spread the cards out into a row, and showcase the cards in a unique environment. 
  • In the examples below, you can see that some of the cards are displayed on a stack of moss, some are showcased on a brown paper bag with interesting items around it, and some are angled in a unique way. 


Video Games

  • For video game assets, the ones that performed the best were screenshots of the game itself. We have also found that short video clips of the game being played (screen recordings) have performed well. Below is a campaign video for Coral Island that outperformed all the images when we ran ads.


  • Recently, we've found collages of multiple kinds of dice have performed the best. Additionally, close-ups of the dice have performed well too.

Additional Info

  • Recently we have found that images that feature the unlocked stretch goal components have helped boost performance during the mid-phase of a campaign. We also encourage you to share images with Stretch Goals if we are running your ads, or add them to your own ads to keep momentum strong throughout your campaign. 
  • Secondly, we have seen that pricing badges have performed well if people decide that it is generally affordable.

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