How do I update my BackerKit email address?

Currently, only the Backer Support team can update the email associated with your pledges in BackerKit or your email associated with your Backer Account. 

There are two ways to verify your identity to update your email address:

Option #1: Contact us from the email address that your pledge is currently under, and provide the new email you'd like your pledge updated to.

Option #2: If you no longer have access to the email your pledge is currently under, contact us from your new email address, provide the old email address that you'd like replace, and also provide a screenshot of your reward summary (including your backer number for the project) so we can verify your proof of pledge. Here's how you can find your reward summary on Kickstarter:

1. Login to Kickstarter
2. Click on your profile photo at the top right (with the green dot)
3. Under Backed Projects, click on your project
4. Click View pledge
5. Take a screenshot of the reward summary page, which includes your backer number.
6. Attach the screenshot to your message to request the email address update.

Once you write in, Backer Support will be able to review your request and take next steps. You can look forward to hearing back from them within two business days!

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