Does BackerKit support add-ons offered on Kickstarter?


When your project is over, BackerKit looks at all of the add-ons purchased by Backers and creates those add-ons inside of BackerKit at the same price. It then places those add-ons directly into backers’ carts.

Do I still need BackerKit if I’m offering add-ons on Kickstarter? 

Yes! Here are a few reasons why

  • Sell more - Creators raise more, 16% on average, when offering ad-ons on BackerKit even after already offering them on Kickstarter.
  • Easier to understand shipping fees for backers - On Kickstarter, you can only charge a flat fee per add-on per country. If you choose to charge shipping after the campaign, you can set up more accurate shipping based on weight or quantity in BackerKit.
  • Support for handling variants and more complex add-ons
  • Reduce fulfillment complexity - BackerKit already has integrations and exports that work with various fulfillment companies and groups together add-ons ordered in Kickstarter and in BackerKit.
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