How do I format content on the Launch landing page?

The Launch landing page is composed of 2 sections.

The top of the page can be customized via the Landing Page Options sections under the Customize tab. Here's what you can update:

  • Heading Text
  • Promotional Banner Text
  • Countdown Timer
  • Background Color
  • Call to Action Description
  • Call to Action Button Text
  • Call to Action Button Link
  • Hero Image

Additionally, you can add information about your project in the landing page content. You can add anything to this field, and it supports basic HTML to format the content:

Adding a paragraph:
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nulla vitae felis ut elit pulvinar finibus at ac libero. Proin eleifend arcu eu lorem dapibus, vel finibus turpis tempus.
Adding an image:
<img src="" alt="image name" />	

You'll need to use an image hosted elsewhere and make sure the size does not exceed 500px to maintain a good proportions for various email clients. Make sure to confirm that the image URL that you're using is publicly viewable and does not expire.

Adding a link:
<a href="" target="_blank"> BackerKit </a>
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