How do I format content on the Launch landing page?

The Launch landing page is composed of 2 sections.

The top of the page can be customized via the Landing Page Options sections under the Customize tab. Here's what you can update:

  • Heading Text
  • Promotional Banner Text
  • Countdown Timer
  • Background Color
  • Call to Action Description
  • Call to Action Button Text
  • Call to Action Button Link
  • Hero Image

Additionally, you can add information about your project in the landing page content. You can add anything to this field, and it supports formatting (images, lists, etc).

You can embed a Youtube video to the landing page:

1. Click on the link icon on the tool bar.
2. Paste the Youtube link (make sure it’s the full link, not a shortened version)
3. This will prompt you whether you want to embed.

You can add images by clicking the 'Paperclip' Icon:

If you need to hyperlink an image (not required), you'll be able to create a clickable image inside the landing page by inserting a <url> tag into the caption area of that image. Here is what it will look like when you are setting things up:

Image size is automatically responsive to various screen sizes, meaning BackerKit will auto-resize the image depending on if someone opens the landing page on their phone, tablet, or desktop. It does max out at 540px in width for desktop, but typically you want to upload an image that is slightly larger than that for hi-res screens. We recommend testing your landing page to make sure images look good on all formats.
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