Can I merge my orders?

If you've made multiple contributions to an Indiegogo campaign, or placed a pre-order alongside your Kickstarter survey, or placed multiple pre-orders, you can ask the creator if they are merging orders. 

How to contact Project Creators:

To contact a Kickstarter Project Creator directly: Click on the "Created by" link at the top of their campaign page, then scroll down to the bottom of the creator info and click "contact me".

To contact an Indiegogo Project Creator directly: On the top right side of the Indiegogo page, there is a link that says "Ask a Question", click that link to contact the project creator directly. 

Or contact Backer Support: From your survey, you can reach the help section by clicking the Need Help? link in the top right corner.

How to toggle between multiple orders:

You can toggle between your pledges from your  confirmation page: look for a yellow bar that says "You have multiple surveys for this project," and click it. You should be able to see all your orders and review them from that drop-down.

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