How do I add multiple accounts in Launch?

Typically, creators can use a single Launch account for their current and future crowdfunding projects. You can import projects from multiple Kickstarter/Indiegogo accounts to the same Launch account and message all of your previous backers together. Launch will identify distinct email addresses across all of the projects that are imported. 

With that said, there may be specific reasons why you may want to use multiple Launch accounts: 

  • You have multiple Kickstarter accounts with different backer audience, and you prefer to message those audiences separately. 
  • You have a single Kickstarter account with different projects that may have very distinct audiences, and you prefer to message those audiences separately. This may be a case where you may have launched very different types of projects on the same account. 

If the above cases apply to you, or if you have another reason for wanting to add another account in Launch, please contact to make a request. 

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