Providing access to your Facebook page

If you are a marketing client and you would like us to run ads through your Facebook page, please follow the steps below. This would allow you to have better access to the ads we have running and would allow you to respond to comments directly and keep an eye on engagements. As an added benefit, we would have some additional targeting options.

  1. Go to
  2. You may need to click "more business settings"
  3. Click "Pages" Nested under "Accounts"
  4. Click on Page
  5. Click "Assign Partners"
  6. Assign Partner by Business ID
  7. Enter partner Business IDs: 104171886824847 & 162301468136601
  8. Then toggle "Ads" access

Our team can also request access to your Facebook Business page. Please review this Facebook Help Article on how to accept a request for access to your business page herePlease note that if you are using a personal FB page, you won't be able to grant our team access to it.

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