How do I track pre-order referrals?

BackerKit tracks pre-order referrals by collecting the previous website that backer was on.

You can view pre-order referrals by going to Counts › Pre-orders and look under Pre-Orders Referrers.

If you want to be explicit about tracking specific sources, you can add a custom referral code at the end of your pre-order store URL:


Please make sure there are no whitespace in your referral code. 

Setting up referrals allows you to track conversions through you own ads or links that are shared out. You can set up ads on Google and Facebook, or share out the links and be able to track where the conversions are coming from. Each ad or link you set up should have a unique ref tag associated with them.

If you are using Google Analytics you will need to enable Enhanced Ecommerce, read more about this feature here.

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