What does listing my landing page on BackerKit do?

Project launching on Crowdfunding by BackerKit

When you sign up to launch on BackerKit Crowdfunding, a Landing Page will automatically be created for you.

  1. Build Your Landing Page
    • A landing page is automatically created up when you sign up your project in BackerKit Crowdfunding. From your project dashboard under 'Pre-Launch' click 'Landing Page' to be taken to your Launch account.
    • Update it with details and potentially an incentive for folks who want to sign up to back your project.
    • Check off “List my landing page on BackerKit” when it’s ready to be publicly visible and listed on the “Coming Soon” section of BackerKit’s homepage.
    • Share this landing page with your community!

  1. Grow and nurture your community
    • Set up a bio and back a project: https://www.backerkit.com/c/users/start
    • Import any past crowdfunding projects into BackerKit Launch and import your email lists. 
    • Message your existing audience about your upcoming project.
    • For tips on what to message them, you can check out some of our templates here.

Projects Launching on Kickstarter or Indiegogo

When you customize your landing page in BackerKit Launch, you can set it to "List my landing page on BackerKit". 

We recommend enabling this for your landing page whenever you are ready to share your upcoming project with the world. 

Your landing page will be shared with our backer community via the BackerKit Backer Account under "Upcoming Projects" so they can easily sign up. The listing is customized for each backer based on their unique interests via categories.

The signups that your landing page converts from this page will be tracked as "backerkit_backer_account" under the referral code section for the landing page. 

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