How do I share my BackerKit pre-order store via Launch?

Promote your Pre-order Store to Previous Backers

You can use Launch to direct the members on your email list to your BackerKit pre-order store, instead of linking to the Landing Page or Campaign Page. 

  • Go to the Email Campaigns tab and click “create custom email campaign”
  • Select your project then click "next"
  • Go to the “Customize” tab
  • Remove the text in the “call to action link text” box and replace with a space bar.
  • Edit the email copy and add the pre-order link to the email body using the rich text editor. Example:
  • Customize messaging (we suggest putting %{cta_button} after the from name), save, and send a test email to yourself to make sure everything is working properly.
NOTE: If you would like the ability to track clicks on your Pre-order store link, you can create a Ref Tag or a UTM code. Learn more about UTM Codes for Google Analytics here.
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