How to send surveys with large backer counts

Projects with over six thousand backers must send surveys out in batches. The process of sending surveys and starting the Smoke Test is slightly different when the backer count exceeds six thousand backers.

Our dedicated Success team will Auto-Divide backers into segments during the Setup Review that you'll use to send out surveys.

How to send surveys:

  1. Access the generated Smoke Test Segment.
  2. Select the Send & Remind menu within the segment.

  1. Click the Send Surveys button to release the Smoke Test surveys.

  1. Wait 24 hours after Smoke Test surveys are sent. Please let your Success Rep know if any issues or feedback are shared from the Smoke Test backers. It's recommended that the ticket to backer ration be less than 2% of the smoke test. If no issues, proceed to step 5.
  2. Send surveys for the remaining segments by accessing the Send & Remind menu in each segment. Please be sure to wait at least 2 hours between each set. This ensures all surveys are distributed for each segment before sending more.

Backer Communication

Sending surveys to large projects can take a couple of days to finalize. We recommend using Kickstarter and Indiegogo Updates to communicate to backers and set expectations for the timeline in which they should expect to receive their survey.

You'll want to let backers know that the Smoke Test has started and after 24 hours the surveys will start to distribute slowly over a couple of days. This will help communicate to backers that although they may not see their survey invite right away, the invites are being sent out slowly.

You'll want to post another update 2 hours after the last segment is sent to let backers know to reach out if they haven't gotten their invite.

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