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Welcome to BackerKit's brand assets page — a one-stop shop for all the assets you need to share that you're launching a crowdfunding project on BackerKit. 

Here, you'll find a collection of banners, badges, and other images you can use on social media, landing pages, newsletters, live events, and more. In addition, we are providing our official wordmark, logo, and brand colors, along with instructions on how you can use them.

We're thrilled you've chosen to work with us and hope these resources can be useful to your project. You can use these assets to promote your project, and on any rewards that are created as part of your campaign as long as you follow the Usage Guidelines we outlined below.

If you have any questions or feedback, please don't hesitate to reach out to our team. We're here to support your success and help you launch confidently.

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When planning your promotions, stay authentic, share your inspiration, and invite people to join you in creating your game, comic, product, or whatever else you are making. It's not solely about asking for funds, but about inviting others to take part in your creative process.

Promotional assets

We are delighted you've chosen to launch your crowdfunding campaign with us. These assets will help you create content to promote your launch and other important campaign milestones. Use them on social media, emails, landing pages, live events, and anywhere else.

Digital badges

Email and social media promotions are essential to getting your campaign across the finish line. So, we optimized our digital badges for these channels.

Download Digital Badges:

Print badges

Live events provide a unique opportunity to establish deep connections with your audience. So, we created print-friendly badges for convention signage and printed promotional materials.

Our print badges come in two formats:

  • EPS format: a vector file that can be scaled up without losing quality.
  • PNG format: a bitmap file printable at 300 dpi up to 20 x 20 inches.

Download Print Badges:

Campaign banners

When launching on another platform, use these banners and copy to build credibility by sharing that you are working with BackerKit. We are a trusted name in crowdfunding, well-known by experienced creators and superbackers.

You'll also be helping other creators discover the tools and services that played a role in your campaign's success. That's a way to pay it forward to future crowdfunding generations. Of course, we'll also appreciate your support in helping to spread the word about our work.

BackerKit Pledge Manager

BackerKit has helped over 14,000 crowdfunding creators manage pledges, survey and support backers, and maximize fund-raising through upsells and pre-orders. Learn more >>

Download Campaign Banner:

BackerKit Marketing

BackerKit has helped over 2,600 crowdfunding creators grow their audiences and raise more than $106,000,000. Learn more >>

Download Campaign Banner:


Use our logo to create digital and print content to promote your project and custom rewards for your backers. Just make sure to follow our usage guidelines.


Usage in Copy: In written communications, BackerKit should always appear as one word with the letters B and K capitalized.


CMYK: 000, 016, 097, 000 CMYK: 073, 067, 065, 081 CMYK: 0, 0, 0, 0
Hex: #FFD508 Hex: #141414 Hex: #FFFFFF
RGB: 255, 213, 008 RGB: 020, 020, 020 RGB: 255, 255, 255

Usage guidelines

As long as you follow our usage guidelines outlined here, feel free to use the assets from this page for the following purposes.

  • To promote a project you are launching on BackerKit
  • To create rewards associated to a campaign that funded on BackerKit
  • To share that you are working with BackerKit on another platform

To use these assets, you must:

  • Avoid altering the images in any way, including stretching, condensing, overlaying, stylizing, or skewing.
  • Refrain from using these images in a way that could confuse someone into thinking that your product or item is made or endorsed by BackerKit.
  • Avoid using these images in a way that could lead someone to believe that a website is managed or supported by BackerKit.

All other uses of BackerKit’s Brand Assets require our prior written permission. This includes the use of BackerKit in a domain name. We retain the right to revoke these permissions at any time and for any reason.

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