How do I create a segment?

To take action on specific groups of backers, you can split them into segments.

Note: The segment creates a snapshot of the backers that meet the segment criteria at the moment you make the segment. Once you create a segment you can’t apply additional further filters to it.

You can update the segment by refreshing it. For more information, see  How do I update a segment?

To create a segment:

  1. On the menu on the left, click Segments.
  2. Click Create a New Segment.
  3. In the Segment Name box, enter a name for the segment.
  4. Under Choose Filters, select the filter you want to use to split your backers. For more information about the filters, see What filters I can use to split my backers into segments?
  5. If you want to further refine your backers, click Add Another Filter and select another filter.
  6. Click Filter Backers to see a list of the backers in your segment.
  7. Click Save This Segment.
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