What filters can I use to split my backers into segments?

You can group your backers into Segments with a variety of criteria to help you take actions on backers in smaller groups (ie, Lock, Charge, Fulfill etc). 

For example, you can split your backers into Segments by the Pledge Level they chose, the status of their survey, the country or region where they live, by certain email addresses, backer ID #s, receiving specific items based off SKUs plus many other filters. You can also create a segment of backers who ordered a specific add-on item.

Segments make the fulfillment process faster by allowing you to locate a specific subset of backers or orders quickly, and also help you manage subsets of your backers in an orderly fashion.  Example: Fulfilling orders by countries

If you are using BackerKit Postage or one of our Fulfillment integrations, each feature can create package groups based off a Segment you have created. So you can control every step of fulfillment process.

Segments should be used over the Counts page for accurate numbers for production and fulfillment. 

  • Filter backers by the items in their order by SKUs. SKUs are included with Pledge Level Items, Pledge Questions, and Add-on items. This is a good way to find backers who have ordered specific items.
Pledge Levels
  • Choose any combination of Pledge Levels to separate your backers. Can separate backers by Early Bird Pledge Levels, regular Pledge Levels, or Pre-Order store.
Backer Status
  • Group backers based on the state they are in: Survey not completed, Survey Completed - Ready to Lock Order, Survey Completed - Ready to Charge Cards, Survey Completed - Ready to Lock Address, Unfulfilled - Ready to Fulfill, etc. 
  • Some reports include backers who have not completed their survey, so this filter helps isolate backers who are ready to be moved into the next phase of fulfillment. 
  • Find backers who have ordered a particular add-on item, which is different from SKUs if your add-ons have variants or multiple SKUs within the one add-on.
  • Filter used to find backers from different Segments. Expert Tip: You can also create Segments with different criteria, to locate a very specific group of backers, by choosing the 'Segments' filters. 
  • Maybe you marked all backers fulfilled but only sent out half of the tracking numbers. You can create a Segment of all fulfilled backers. Create another Segment by email addresses of all backers who have received their tracking info, then filter out the latter from the former to get the group of backers who didn't get tracking yet.
  • Locate backers in specific region(s). 
  • You might have fulfillment locations in different regions shipping to a group of countries. You can separate backers by those countries to send to your shipping partners.
  • Some Project rewards contain materials that cannot be shipped to certain countries, and if you find this out after your campaign, you can locate the backers you can not ship certain rewards to.
  • Due to certain global events, shipping may be temporarily suspended to certain countries, so you can hold these backers from being fulfilled until shipping can resume.
  • You can export reports directly from pledge questions or followup questions with the 'View Responses' link. This Segment Filter can group backers who answered one way or another on pledge questions.
Backers with: Emails, IDs (Kickstarter Backer ID #s), Stripe Transaction #, Canceled pledges, etc
  • This works well if you have a list of backer email addresses and want to group them together. If you offered a special item or discount to your first 100 backers, you can use the IDs and put numbers 1 through 100 to find just the first hundred backers. Then use Segment actions to apply the complimentary item or credit.
Campaign Funds
  • Separate backers by how much they've pledged, not just by their pledge levels.

Every project is unique, and every project creator may have different needs. Using Segment filters is a great way to isolate a group of backers for various Segment Actions.

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